dimecres, 7 de febrer de 2007

Professional research careers in Catalonia

Article written with Blanca Ciurana, Joan Cadefau and Olga Alay published in Coneixement i Societat

We make a detailed analysis of the set of policies and projects developed by the Catalan Autonomous Government in respect of researchers over the past five years. We specifically examine the initiatives undertaken through the former government’s Department of Universities, Research and the Information Society, now the Commission for Universities and Research. From that standpoint, we analyse various programmes for grants and funding that co-exist in Catalonia and are promoted by the Catalan, Spanish and European governments, the policy on creation of reseach centres, and the Jaume Serra-Hunter University Lecturers Plan. Lastly, we look closely in particular at the status of research careers in business and the initiatives that have been taken in that connection.

Professional research careers in Catalonia

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